Our History

Founded to Serve Our Great Nation

For 70 years, AFBA has stood by our country’s armed forces. AFBA provides life insurance in both war and peace to those who serve this great nation including our military, emergency first responders, government employees, and their families.

AFBA was created as a nonprofit organization in 1947 with the support of General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower "to promote the general welfare and economic interests of its members and their families by providing superior benefits and services principally to military families during peace and war." At that time, servicemembers could not purchase life insurance that would pay a death benefit if the member was killed in a war zone.

What makes AFBA unique is that the insurance coverage offered to its members continues to have no combat or terrorism exclusions. AFBA also offers other financial benefits and services to its members.

Key Features

• No combat or terrorism exclusions

• No hazardous, line of duty, or occupational restrictions

• Coverage ON and OFF duty

• Emergency death benefit payment of up to $15,000 within
one business day of notification

• $40,000 family survivor college scholarship

• Optional spouse and child coverage

AFBA Stands by Its Members

AFBA has paid life insurance claims in excess of $1.8 billion to the families of members who lost their lives in the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf conflicts, the attack on the Pentagon and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. AFBA continues to keep its rolls open during the "War on Terrorism." AFBA has over 430,000 members insured with $40 billion of insurance in force.

Proven Leadership

Our Board of Directors reflects the diversity of our markets and is comprised of retired senior flag and non-commissioned military officers from all branches and the National Guard as well as former First Responder and private industry business leaders.

Related Enterprises

5Star Financial, LLC, a financial services holding company owned by the AFBA Investment Trust, offers AFBA members and the general marketplace financial services including individual life insurance.

5Star Life Insurance Company is the principal underwriter of AFBA’s group life insurance programs and is also a growing provider of supplemental and other voluntary life insurance products.