AFBA Long-Term Care Program

Protect your family and your retirement savings

You've planned for retirement, but do you have a long-term care plan to help protect your children and your savings?

If due to illness or dementia you need assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing and eating, long-term care insurance pays for caregivers to come to your home to help.

By the time you turn 65 there's a 70% chance you’ll need long-term care at some point.* This care is not covered by health insurance or Medicare.

You can help protect your independence and preserve your savings by getting AFBA Long-Term Care coverage.

  • Free long-term care needs assessment
  • Discounted group pricing
  • Available to members, their spouses, parents and children
  • Covers staying in your own home or a nursing home

Call an AFBA Long-Term Care Advisor now at 855-581-6647 for expert advice and your FREE needs assessment, or visit for more information.